Introduction Guide – Rebalancing the Chakras

The Heart – Anahata chakra

The fourth chakra, located in the region of the heart connects us to our emotional self, bringing in harmony, forgiveness, sincerity and love. Love in the sense of being faithful to yourself, committed to who you want to be in this world. Love is to feel yourself, to give all your emotions and feelings the right to be there and to stand for your own needs. Its element is air. The feminine power of this chakra is giving, nurturing, connecting and radiant. The masculine power is protecting, guiding and supporting.

Assess your heart chakra:

When this chakra is in balance we are radiant beings and we feel joy, love, gratitude and compassion, generous
When it’s deficient it can lead to fear of intimacy, being judgmental and isolating ourselves. It can lead to self-sabotage and pushing people away out of fear of being hurt again and deep down to feelings of shame of not being good enough. This often stems from childhood neglect or abuse and connects to the emotional and psychological state of the first chakra.
When it’s excessive we are co-dependent and desperate for love and attention and we experience fear of abandonment. We tend to become addicted to helping other people, tolerating toxic behavior and saying yes to everyone even if it does not suit us.

Ironically; in relationships the overactive and the underactive heart chakra people will find each other and become entangled in a co-dependency relationship. If we have an excessive heart chakra we might be the one that ends up doing all the caring in the relationship; giving and nurturing for the needs of the receiver who might feel suffocated and tends to retract from the relationship just enough the feel his/her autonomy but not enough to break the relationship because their needs still need to be met. This endless loop can be exhausting and difficult to break free from. The first step as the giver is to start taking better care of ourselves and focus all of our love on ourselves. If you are the receiver it might be time to investigate your old wounds. This in turn might break the cycle with or without the relationship surviving this breakthrough.
Physically it can lead to poor blood circulation, high or low blood pressure, allergies, asthma and sensitivities for infections such as the flu.


“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”― Rumi

Look inwards

Questions to ask yourself:

• Who do you need to forgive for past hurts? Yourself, Your parents, past lovers, friends?
• What are you grateful for? Every day write down 3 things you’re grateful for before you go to sleep.
• What can you do today to love yourself a bit more?
• Can you loosen your criticism on yourself and other people?
• Are you able to see through behaviour of others and feel compassion and understanding for them?
• Do you accept love, hugs, compliments or do you get uncomfortable?
• Do you experience jealousy? Investigate where it comes from. Usually if we give ourselves some attention ; the jealously will become less.
• Do you accept that we are all here on a learning journey? The journey back to the heart?

Power up your chakra with essential oils and the right foods

Essential oils:

Ylang ylang, rosewood, lavender


Kiwi fruit, cucumber, celery, avocado’s, spinach, broccoli, kale, grapes, pears

How I did it – “Hello darkness, my old friend”

I used to think self-love was selfish. As a child I was already very sensitive to other people’s emotions and from a very young age I learned how to take care of their emotions. I grew up in a family in which sensitivity was not something to be proud of. “Toughen up”, my father used to say. “Do not over exaggerate, this is not about you” my mother usually said. Growing up with emotionally unavailable parents who were too busy destroying and then repairing their highly explosive relationship, I often felt unsafe, unseen and unheard.

So I developed a coping mechanism to make my life better, safer, nicer and started taking care of my family members so fights would calm down quicker and I could feel safe again. I became the mediator of the family. I quickly learned to analyse situations, emotions, became a great listener and able to tune into the needs of others. I even made it my job to cater for others and now I can even say I became quite good at it.

But every positive has its negative and my self – developed superpower became my greatest weakness. I had no boundaries, was always there for other people. I was in a constant state of alertness so I could avoid situations where people could get angry, were unsatisfied or unhappy. This left me depleted and I struggled for a long time with anxiety issues.

In one of the self-help books I read that we need to love ourselves more “because without taking care of yourself you cannot take care of others” You cannot drink from an empty cup. Great I thought. So I started making a list of self-love habits to do on regular basis: I took massages, pedicures, ate healthy, started a vigorous yoga practice with Bikram Yoga, did meditation twice a day, took more time for me, took myself out on dates, the list goes on and on. But still I felt a hole in my heart. And then one day I read this quote from Mahatma Gandhi: “you feel happiness when what you think, say and do are aligned” and then it clicked in my head. I do not talk to myself as if I am my own best friend. I still feel I am being selfish when I say no and I am still critical when I feel my flaws are showing up. I can be moody, impatient and insecure and I did not like that part of myself at all. I would never let anyone ever see that side of me and covered it up by providing for their feelings instead. I knew that if I really wanted to heal this dark old wound I had to start showing up for me. Lovingly welcoming these feelings, acknowledging them and comforting myself that it was OK to have these feelings.

As I was lying on my yoga mat one day I heard the yoga teacher saying ’open your heart’. It wasn’t the first time I was trying to do so. I focused hard on the chest area; I wanted it to burst open and feel love all around me. I felt as if I was in a Nike commercial. “Just do it” I repeatedly said to myself and I felt again inadequate for not succeeding. To be able to love ourselves, we have to face ourselves. All of us. Once we have faced it, we can slowly start to deal with it and then we can integrate it and start loving ourselves more and more. Somethings we will never be able to let go and heal completely and that is OK too. We all have cracks from past hurts. The trick is to heal enough so we can keep our hearts open. Healing and loving ourselves more is not a linear process. There is no end game, no price to win and no monster to slay. Healing is circular and evolving every time and sometimes it can get messy and dark indeed.

The one thing I learned on my journey though is that no matter how many self-care practices you include in your life we have to take the responsibility for our healing into our own hands. Yoga, meditation or any other of the routines you include in your life to love yourself and take care of yourself will only be a band-aid on an old wound if you don’t increase your consciousness on your true self.

So why is this self-love so important? The moment we start healing ourselves, we start loving ourselves more and we stop projecting our pain and our fears unto our partners, friends and family. That in turn improves our relationships which will lead to more inner and outer peace and happiness.

Are you ready to embrace all of yourself?

How to work with this

How could the person reading take this further? what’s your recommendation for them? For example, to take a week to dive into the first chakra theme with the suggestions above, and if they are in town contact you for a massage that helps them connect with their root?? (Just a thought, obviously)
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