Introduction Guide – Rebalancing the Chakras

The throat chakra – Visudhi

The throat chakra is the home of our expression. This chakra corresponds physically to the thyroid and it controls our metabolism. It is linked to the fifth element: the ether/space. The colour is blue. It influences the world by sharing our ideas and passions.

This chakra governs truthfulness with ourselves and with others. Working on who we are, what we feel and what we do helps us to express what we need to share with the world. Are you really going to be courageous and speak your truth? This is scary, we could be judged.

Our words are very powerful. We can influence people around us. Therefore we need to be able to discern which words come close to reality and which words are coloured by emotions. We can hurt people if our words do not match reality.

The goal of this chakra is to master your power of communication. Are you honest with yourself? Are you sharing your truth with the world and what is the intention behind your words?

There is a direct link with the sacral chakra, where our emotions reside and our heart chakra in which unconditional love resides. That is where the expression ‘Speak from the heart’ comes from.

Assess your throat chakra:

A balanced chakra is unafraid to speak up, show what you feel and think, and unafraid to share their truth with the world.
An deficient throat chakra shows up in a person who silences themselves, who is afraid to speak their truth, to express themselves.

An excessive throat chakra shows up in someone talking too much, excessively and has difficulty to listen to others and to themselves.

The throat chakra connects to physical issues that might be related to a sore throat, coughing, or to a person that often comes down with a cold. Also neck and shoulder issues could be connected to an off balance throat chakra.


“Communication means sharing together, thinking together, not agreeing or disagreeing together but thinking, observing, learning, understanding together. Both you and the speaker have to take the journey together.” J. Krishnamurti.


A Mantra can be a word or a group of words in Sanskrit that hold spiritual power. Mantras exist in different schools and branches of the philosophy of Hinduism and Buddhism. A mantra can be repeated multiple times, silently or out loud and are believed to hold great power and bring in the vibration that you want to feel/ have in your life. It can serve as an anchor during your meditation practice; every time your mind wanders off you can bring back your focus by repeating the mantra. Although all mantras are good, it helps to think of an intention you want to invite into your life and choose a mantra upon accordingly. Intentions related to the throat chakra:

• I tell the honest truth.
• I express my feelings whether or not it is comfortable.
• Life is a chance to communicate with the world.
• I love to speak and express.

There are many Mantras. One that you could use to activate the chakras is ‘Sat Nam’, meaning ‘Sat: Truth and Nam: identity’. Put those two words together and you chant truth is my identity

Look inwards

The throat chakra deals with the truth and lying. Where are you lying to yourself or to others? How are you expressing yourself? Do you answer truthfully, telling the truth to others and yourself?
We communicate most of all to ourselves in our heads. This is your inner dialogue. Often this inner dialogue is very critical of ourselves. Can you hear it?
If you express something, all sorts of shame and fear my come up. Shame of not being good enough, smart enough. Fear of the unknown can be very paralyzing. You know what you have, but how do we know what the future will hold will be better? You need to take steps and that can be scary. You could be afraid to not get another job or relationship. These feelings that come up are messengers, we need to listen to them and understand what it is they are trying to say. Maybe indeed we are being protected but maybe we are blocked. Learn to distinguish between the voice of fear and shame or the voice of your intuition guiding you onwards on your path. Awaken your chakra and be real with yourself.

Ways to move forward:

• Start journaling. Write down what you think, feel and see around you.
• Start a blog, share your ideas with the world, express yourself through your art (music, painting etc).
• Listen more. Listening can be a powerful tool for healing. When we listen, we offer with our attention an opportunity for wholeness. We create a safe space for the other person’s thoughts, emotions, feelings which have been denied, unloved, undervalued by themselves and by others. That which is hidden can come to light. When something comes to light, it has the possibility to heal.

Power up your chakra with essential oils and the right foods

Essential oils:

Lime, sage, rosemary


blueberries, blackberries, drink water to clear the throat, drink herbal teas

How I did it – “Express yourself! ”

When I finally started expressing myself my life fell apart. That might seem like a bad thing, and indeed at that moment I thought it was. Heartbreak; pain and tears came flooding out. But things had to fall apart for me to finally get it. To get that I am all I have. That I can trust myself. That my intuition has never been wrong. That it is safe to express myself. But nobody learned or showed me how to trust myself and have self-confidence. Nobody learned me how to distinguish between the loud voice in my head that spoke of fear and the other one, the softer voice of intuition. So for years I just kept quiet but with thoughts rumbling over each other in my head.

I knew I had to learn it by myself. I became an addict of self- healing and development and devoured books by all the big names. But the final kick that changed me for good was when I decided to take a yoga teacher training. But what started as an idea to change jobs became a self-healing journey. A journey into recognizing my self-worth, loving myself, standing up for myself and feeling connected to myself and the world.

For almost a year my days consisted of setting positive intentions such as ‘I love and trust myself’. I started a gratitude journal and had to find 3 things to be grateful for each day, no matter how difficult it was sometimes. My key to happiness was to shift my perception. Or, if perceptions couldn’t be shifted, I tried to change the situation.

Another key ingredient was acceptance. Not the victimized kind, but the peaceful kind. The kind that keeps people in their worth. Accept the things you cannot change, including people. And after almost a year I was a different person; shinier, happier, at peace with who I am and only one thing in my life could pull me back to the darkness. I knew deep down my relationship had to end but with my heart so big of love and hope that he might finally step up and fulfil his potential I so patiently had been waiting for all these years I let it go on for too long. Was I so wrong to have invested so much? When we met it was instant fireworks, a deep recognition of souls and hysterical butterflies all over. This just H-A-D to work. But along the way I lost myself. I silenced the quiet voice inside my head by blaming myself when he was behaving like an asshole. Fear and shame screamed at me: “You are needy, insecure and impatient, it is you who needs to change”. Me the chaser and him the runner. This co-dependent relationship was so confronting and exhausting.

It was one thing being aware of the mess I was in this relationship but doing something about it took me all the strength I could find. Every time I tried to express myself and do something about it; my throat got blocked as if I was choking. So again I silenced myself a few times too many. These unexpressed feelings came haunting in my dreams and I saw our not so rosy future together. It was after a few of these dreams I could do nothing else but finally have the courage to speak up, to stand up for myself and to honour my worth. And just like a card deck that fell apart with a first stroke of the wind, my relationship unravelled faster than I expected. “You deserve someone better than me” was what he said. At first I didn’t get it- weren’t we twin flames? It was only when my tears dried up I could see it clearly. I changed over the years, became happier and healthier. I started vibrating on a higher frequency. He could not meet me there. So I had to set us free and walk away. Walk into the light. Towards a brighter future for myself. So I guess there is truth in the Madonna song: ‘express yourself, baby ready or not’.

How to work with this

How could the person reading take this further? what’s your recommendation for them? For example, to take a week to dive into the first chakra theme with the suggestions above, and if they are in town contact you for a massage that helps them connect with their root?? (Just a thought, obviously)
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