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Inner Leadership Coaching

Individual holistic coaching for highly sensitive women in leadership positions going through challenging life situations

“With Jacqueline’s help I managed to change the unconscious strategies that kept me stuck and honestly, it worked so well, I cannot even remember the exact problem I used to have.” -C.B

Download this free meditation and reconnect to your true self
  • to free you from other people’s thoughts and desires
  • taking back your energy
  • aligns you for making better decisions for yourself

The 3R-method

encompassing techniques from different schools to give you the most optimal results for your body, mind and soul.

We can try to control as many aspects as possible in our sphere of influence but life will throw inevitable curveballs at you. And you might get stressed, sad or angry about that. And that is totally OK. We need to become aware of what we are feeling and then to allow for it. To accept it. Your body might know it before you do. You might experience symptoms such as lack of sleep, headaches and back and shoulder pain. Your body is telling you something and you need to listen, to rest and to reset. Accepting how we feel is a big part of our healing journey. Once we allow for something to exist it can turn into something else. You are taking care of yourself first by doing the things that feel right for you. Like Alchemy.

“Jacqueline radiates peace and fun… a rare combination that immediately makes you feel at ease.” – Irene
“Jacqueline is a good listener who then supports me to take a step outside of my own vicious circle of thinking.” – R.L
Once you have rested and allowed yourself to feel whatever needs to be felt, you can start to reconnect to your truth. To gain perspective and clarity and to remember who you really are. You find out what the real problem is and why it is a problem for you. Now we can turn our attention to finding out what you actually want by creating a vision for yourself for the things you can control.
And then you reclaim your power. Your values are aligned with your goals and you take aligned and efficient actions that feel effortless towards your dream life. You voice your truth and you choose love over fear. You are able to rest and trust that the things you truly want are already underway in one form or another and you can enjoy and live in the moment for the things you already have accomplished.

“I moved from feeling frazzled, overwhelmed and a victim of my upbringing to empowered and in charge.” – C.B

Book a discovery call

This 30 min call aims to learn about your current situation and what it is you would like to improve and my suggestion on how to get there. It also serves to see if there is a connection between us and if I’m the right person to guide you through your journey.

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