At our core we all desire peace.

Amidst all the challenges of life I provide a safe space to reconnect with your true essence and re-align yourself to who you truly are. 

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Hi! I’m Jacqueline Spuijbroek.

I believe we each have a capacity to grow and open up to a deeper level of peace within us. If we improve our relationship with ourself, we will have better relationships with others. Through cultivatating compassion we will understand ourselves and the world around us better and we will make choices that are more aligned with what we truly want for ourselves; we feel better in our body, we can release old wounds and emotions such as fear, shame and guilt, so we can live a live where we are self-empowerd, feel love and feel free.

There are many roads to transformation. My vision is that cultivatating balance in body, mind and soul will help us when life goes haywire and we got too many curveballs that will leave us feeling overwhelmed. Stress at work, money troubles, ill health, difficulties in relationships…Balance does not mean perfect and it does not mean 50/50 % all the time neither. Balance means that your life will find its own equilibrium. Connecting to your true essence will help you to show up in this world and share your unique gifts that you have to offer.

How to do it?

Yoga and meditation are a wonderful practice to explore our true nature, our essence, our being. When we turn in-ward we begin to recognise our own habitual patterns, our recurring thoughts and behavioral energies. This awareness may even lead to changing things about ourselves. This internal attention brings us closer and closer to a place of truth and balance, although it is an on-going process.

I also work with massages and Reiki. We hold a lot of emotions in our body; stress in shoulders or jaws, tension in our lower back, general fatigue. These pockets of stress may cause blockages in our energy body. A massage can help you to release this and harmonise your energy. Reiki can work on your energy centers to help you bring to light what needs your loving attention. If we increase our self-love and see ourselves for who we really are, we might be able to steer our lives in a direction more aligned with what we truly are and want.


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  • Is stress preventing you from moving the way you want?
  • Do you have pain in your lower back and shoulders?
  • Do you often feel stiff and inflexible?

In a tailor-made Yoga session you can experience more flow in your body, a deep stillness in your mind and connectedness with your soul.
A harmonizing massage can make you tune into your body and experience a deep relaxation by calming down the nervous system.


  • Are you often too hard on yourself?
  • Do you lose energy worrying what people might think of your choices?
  • Do you feel like there’s more to life but you have trouble finding it?

A coaching session based on yoga philosophy  can make visible the answers that are hidden in your mind. It can empower you in making the choices that feel good to you. In identifying your limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, your interaction with other people or how the world works lies freedom in making better choices, seizing opportunities and being true to your essence.  


  • Do you have trouble sleeping?
  • Do you sometimes experience anxiety?
  • Do you want to heal old wounds?

Stuck emotions can result in fatigue, burnout or a sense of meaninglessness. If not adressed, these stuck emotions toxify our body, mind and soul. In a Reiki session universal energy is channelled and transferred so that you might become aware of these stuck emotions that prevent your energy from flowing freely through your body. Awareness is the first step for us to be able to release these stuck emotions.

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"""Yoga with Jacqueline is much more than just physical exercise. It's nourishment for the soul." -Hanna

"I followed the Chakra Yoga Programme designed by Jacqueline herself. During 7 classes, I was introduced to different physical and mental yoga excercises. I had done Yoga before, but this programme really give me new insights. Jacqueline is a great teacher and in my view her classes have the right balance between challenging your body and focussing and relaxing your mind. She is also a great coach. Together with the excercises I found out a lot about yoga" -Inez

 "I had a wonderfully relaxing massage with Jacqueline. She goes above and beyond to make sure you're comfortable. I felt so great afterwards!

"I wasn't sure what to expect with the reiki. At times a lot was happening- different temperatures, unexpected memories popping up, at times soothing, an altogether pleasant experience that left me feeling lighter and refreshed." - Carolina 

"Jacqueline radiates peace and fun… a rare combination that immediately makes you feel at ease. Whether it's for a yin yoga class or a massage, Jacqueline is there for you and she creates a loving space for you to relax.

Recently I was with her for a massage, even now she managed to put me at ease within minutes. Jacqueline does not give "bland" massages, but firm ones with just the right pressure. She also regularly checks whether it is ok for you. I came in quite tense after a busy, hectic period for me and left the house completely relaxed.

I would advise anyone considering working with Jacqueline to stop doubting and just do it! You will not regret it!"

- Irene 

“A professional and very relaxing massage. Jacqueline allows you to completely relax for an hour. She has a magic touch, a pleasant personality and discusses beforehand what you like her to focus on. A warm recommendation for anyone who, like me, goes through life like a headless chicken and is looking for a moment for yourself.”

- Raphaël


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