Introduction Guide – Rebalancing the Chakras


What am I?

This is the main question that I have been trying to answer ever since I set foot on the spiritual path. I truly believe that most of our suffering comes from a misidentification of ourselves. I have always been a seeker of the truth and the closer I come to the truth, the more I see myself and other people for what they really are, the more liberated I feel and the more peace I find within myself. On this road to transformation I found the Chakra theory really helpful and this guide I wrote first and foremost for myself. I would like to share it with you and I hope it may be of benefit on your own journey to more inner peace and contentment. This guide is not exhaustive and as the title says; it is only an introduction. The literature on the chakras is vast and in the end I recommend books for deeper understanding and more elaborate views on topics I only touch upon.

The Chakra theories

The Chakra theory originally derives from the Tantrik traditions. Tantrik Yoga flourished around 600-1300 and as with many traditions it developed over the years and different branches of Tantrik Yoga developed different Chakra theories. Depending on which system you follow you might meditate on 3, 5, 7,9, 12 or more chakras. The seven Chakra system became dominant in the 15th century and is therefore the most known in the West.

Yogic traditions believe that the Self consists of different levels (koshas). Different traditions have different names for these levels. All the traditions start with the physical body where we identify ourselves with words such as “I am tall” or “I have red hair”. The energy body is a combination of the other layers that come after the physical body. All yogic traditions talk about pathways of energy (some call these nadis, marma, meridians) that are flowing through our energy body and come together at certain points; the chakras. Chakras are used as focal points for meditation within the energy body and are visualized as centres of energy resembling flowers, wheels or discs. Chakras unlike organs that exist in the physical body, are not fixed facts. Its reality is very fluid and can be experienced in different ways by different persons. All the traditions recognise a few common chakras; the one in the lower belly, the heart and the top of the head.

The Chakra system can be used as a formula for increasing consciousness and reaching wholeness: wholeness for body, mind and soul. The association of the psychological and emotional state of a person is a modern invention and started with Carl Jung. Nevertheless it has been helpful to me and to a handful of people with whom I shared this practice with. Using the chakra theory as a roadmap for our inward journey has given me huge insights on why I might feel scattered, low in energy, sad, why I have difficulty in expressing my truths or why I feel disconnected to the people around me.

Each of these seven chakras reflects a different aspect of consciousness that is crucial to living fully and freely. You can be having too much or too little energy around a theme which could result in a deficiency or excess in the respective chakra. This in turn might lead to physical, mental and spiritual difficulties in your life.

This guide

This course can help you in turning inwards and to guide you into the visualisation process around the 7 chakra theory. Every chakra could be associated with an emotional or psychological theme, a mantra, organs, the elements, foods and essential oils. This is by no means equal to medical advice but rather serves as support in our yogic practice. The most important thing in our spiritual practice is the intention we place and like a true journey, change does not happen overnight but by constantly practicing taking one step at a time. After all, all we want is a life in flow and more inner peace and contentment. I would recommend working on 1 chakra at the time, take a few days or a week to really understand, heal and integrate yourself so you can embody a new found peace and liberation.

How to work with this

Take a week to dive into the first chakra theme with the suggestions above, start a daily journal and contact me for a personal (online) yoga practice  and / or a massage to assist you in connecting with your root chakra.  

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