Pregnancy Loss Support

Did you lose trust in your body? Feeling tired and edgy around other people? Are you isolating yourself? Do you have trouble sleeping or are you going on auto-pilot through your days?
Maybe you experience difficulty focusing at your job, taking care of other people, including yourself or even experiencing fun in your life.
Loss in pregnancy whether though miscarriages, abortion or fertility treatments, can have a huge impact on your sense of self, your job, your relationships with family and friends and that is totally understandable. You have experienced life and death in your own womb.
This can evoke a lot of sadness, anger and grief. You do not have to go through this alone. Effective and supportive help in this precarious subject does exist. As someone who has experienced pregnancy loss multiple times, I cannot only lovingly guide you but I also make use of a proven 5- step program.
Do you want to feel alive again? By facing all that there is you can take steps on your healing journey. Contradictory to what many people believe, avoiding or ignoring or distracting yourself from what is, is not helpful to this process.
So take charge of your own healing process by following this renowned and accredited 5-step program so you can feel at peace, energised and full of trust in the future again.
Ready to take back control? To enjoy life again? To be this wonderful creative woman that you are?
Book yourself a free discovery call here and let’s see what we can co-create together.