You might be tired, sad, angry or afraid. You might feel physical and/or emotional pain from past events and all of these emotions and feelings deserve your loving attention. Increasing your awareness about what are the messages behind these emotions and feelings is the first step of feeling better about yourself. What you need is more self-love and compassion by breaking down the limiting beliefs you hold about yourself, other people and how the world works. Your essence-nature, your true self is a magnificent lumninous being that has unique gifts to share with the world.

We all hold these kind of emotions and feelings in our body. We often learn to repress them because it was never safe to be vulnerable. We might never had good examples on how to be with uncomfortable emotions and feelings and so we stuff them down, ignore them and put coping mechanisms in place instead to better deal with the world. These coping mechanisms can be toxic for ourselves and for the people we interact with. Toxic coping mechanisms can range from addictions of any kind, self-sabotaging behaviour, negative self-talk or anything that distracts you from the pain or the emptiness that you are feeling.

In order for you to show up in the world for who you truly are you need to reconnect with the truth. To see through a clear lense what is happening and why it is happening. For it is the truth that will bring freedom and peace to your life. Finding the truth is not an easy process and sometimes we need help, a safe space and some tools to help us on this road of self-transformation and self-empowerment. You have everything you need in you to be able to tap into unconditional love and compassion and you know what you need if you listen to that inner voice. Yoga, meditation, Reiki and massages are the tools that I work with to connect with my essence-nature and these tools have brought me truth, self-transformation and self-love and it is with deep gratitude that I would love to share these practices with you.