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Flow & Glow

A 7 week online yoga & coaching program to align your chakra’s. Each week we dive into a emotional and psychological theme which could be associated with one of the seven Chakras. You will get a 1,5 hour session with yoga and coaching every week. This program can be done online in the comfort of your own place and time or in real-life. I will guide you during these 7 weeks so you increase your consciousness to live a life more in flow and more aligned to your true self.

Awaken your true core-essence

A 8 week massage, yoga and reiki program to reconnect to your true self. We often forget who we are but the truth is that our true self lies dormant within us. We might have stopped expressing who we truly are and life a live that does not feel completely right to us. This can create all sorts of isues such as stress and anxiety. This program helps you to reset your nervous system. From this refound inner peace I guide you to reconnect to your essence-nature so you feel empowered to express your true self. 

Wellness massage

Book a wellness massage to reconnect with your body and release build-up tension and stress. Oil- based and infused with essential oils.


  • 75 minutes      € 75
  • 60 minutes      € 60
  • 45 minutes      € 50
  • 30 minutes      € 35

Reiki session

Reiki channels universal energy and cuts through the layers we have created around our true essence. Reiki shows us our thoughts, emotions and limiting beliefs and give us the chance to increase our consciousness and gently pushes us on our road to back to our essence-nature. Reiki helps us to accept who we truly are and increases our self-love.


  • 60 minutes   € 60
  • 30 minutes   € 35

Yoga classes

Tailor-made Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes to guide you into aligment. Alignment is reached when what we think, feel, say and do are aligned. It is not easy to find this and therefore we need to still the mind, turn inward and reflect. I guide you to find balance, strenght, ease and rest. Uniting seemingly opposite truths is one path to liberation.


  • privates
  • company
  • small groups

Different rates apply. Contact me for a quote. All sessions can be done in real-life and online.

Ready to go on a transformational journey?

Are you done with living your life for others? Have you had enough of the stress and running around? Feeling guilty when you want to do something for yourself? Want to feel more fulfilled and free?

Are you ready to go on a transformational journey? Book a free 30 minutes intro call to see what we can do together on our co-creation journey. Together we can look into what’s not working now and which steps we can take on your road to more wellbeing.

Book a free 30-min call

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7 + 1 =

"""Yoga with Jacqueline is much more than just physical exercise. It's nourishment for the soul." -Hanna

"I followed the Chakra Yoga Programme designed by Jacqueline herself. During 7 classes, I was introduced to different physical and mental yoga excercises. I had done Yoga before, but this programme really give me new insights. Jacqueline is a great teacher and in my view her classes have the right balance between challenging your body and focussing and relaxing your mind. She is also a great coach. Together with the excercises I found out a lot about yoga" -Inez

 "I had a wonderfully relaxing massage with Jacqueline. She goes above and beyond to make sure you're comfortable. I felt so great afterwards!

"I wasn't sure what to expect with the reiki. At times a lot was happening- different temperatures, unexpected memories popping up, at times soothing, an altogether pleasant experience that left me feeling lighter and refreshed." - Carolina 

"Jacqueline radiates peace and fun… a rare combination that immediately makes you feel at ease. Whether it's for a yin yoga class or a massage, Jacqueline is there for you and she creates a loving space for you to relax.

Recently I was with her for a massage, even now she managed to put me at ease within minutes. Jacqueline does not give "bland" massages, but firm ones with just the right pressure. She also regularly checks whether it is ok for you. I came in quite tense after a busy, hectic period for me and left the house completely relaxed.

I would advise anyone considering working with Jacqueline to stop doubting and just do it! You will not regret it!"

- Irene 

“A professional and very relaxing massage. Jacqueline allows you to completely relax for an hour. She has a magic touch, a pleasant personality and discusses beforehand what you like her to focus on. A warm recommendation for anyone who, like me, goes through life like a headless chicken and is looking for a moment for yourself.”

- Raphaël


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